Writers of Mason

Sidra Ahmed


After high school, I went back to my country and I found out that my grandfather wrote a journal entry every day, and since he has passed away, it was cool to sit with my cousins and read his life story.

James Bruniany


Up until fairly recently (shhh), I didn’t know how to use semicolons. I would always just avoid them and use commas instead. I would say it’s a writing style.

Matt Buchholtz


If you are trying to communicate ideas, you want to be clear and concise and very specific.

Professor Lorelei Crerar


I hate writing an abstract when I don’t have a paper to write it from. They’re very useful, but coming up with what you’re going to say before you’ve said it is difficult.

Summer Claveau


I believe it is voice that normalizes the language.

Anna Diaz


The challenging thing about fiction and creative nonfiction is the vulnerability of it, and just being brave enough to spill what you’re thinking about onto a page, and hand it to someone else.

Kelly Foster


Writing is a way of accessing myself.

Dakota Goergon


Right now I’m working on a project for Your Juicery that entails researching and writing nutritional facts and benefit to display on the wall panels of the store. I like this work because it allows me to see the progression of the project from start to finish.

Barbara Gomperts

Barbra Gumbart *Summer Check Spelling!

With painting I can be creative, but in my writing I’m using a different side of my brain. I would like to be able to bridge that gap one day.

Kailey Graham

Grahm Kaliey

I think that’s the most interesting thing about poetry. You can say things so much more quickly with metaphors and imagery.

Josie Harler


My friend Liz and I are trying to write children’s books. We want to educate kids about certain topics, simplify things so they can understand.

Professor Tamara Harvey


My new book looks at how women in the 17th century thought about the globe. Part of my argument is that scholars tend to not think about how women would be theorizing the world because women were seen as outside those kinds of discourses.

Professor Seth Hudson


A good writer is flexible in their ability to ascertain and then synthesize ideas.

Rohma Hassan


My advice to writers is to listen to more than just your own inner critic.

Judy Hu


In the past, it was more just practicing my writing and becoming familiar with writing a research paper. Now, I’m trying to make this project have an impact.

Eden King


It’s okay to use small words. It’s okay to use a lot of headings and help the reader understand where you’re going. It’s okay to use transitions. It’s supposed to be easy for a reader to read your paper.

Michelle LaFrance


Behind the written word there is a person, and people sometimes struggle, but when we persist our ideas get better.

Karen Lee

Lee.Karren. (Color Corrected) 2

I don’t think of my writing as particularly creative, but I write to communicate and convey information, not to convey feelings or thoughts like a book.

Laura Lukes


Why do we care about it? Why does it matter? Scientists have to be able to distill all that other stuff into that one sentence: why do we care?

Serge Magnavox


Writers get so serious with our writing, but I think it’s good to step down and say, if you were a child writing right now, where would you go with this?

Katie McKinley


I learned to become a good writer by being forced to write lengthy papers.

Clare Moore


I think all writers relate to the experience of having an idea in your head that seems great–completely developed, interesting, ready to go–and then trying to write it down on the page and having it come off flat and boring, or just being unable to find the words at all.

Logan Murray


That’s part of the beauty of writing. You can grow in your craft. You can’t ask for anything better than that.

Tom Polk


Sometimes I write good things, and sometimes I struggle a bit more. And sometimes, even if it’s good, we can make it better.

Taylor Rinehart


The hard thing about biology is that you’re often writing about other people’s research. -Taylor Rinhart

Professor Larry Rockwood


When you write for a scientific journal, they’ll kill you for any little thing.

Randa Saad

Randa Saad

When I came to the States, I never knew if my professor would think my writing was good or not. I never know what the expectations are for a Ph.D. student in the U.S. -Randa Saad

Elizabeth Siebel


The way to get a reader invested in your writing is to make them feel things. -Elizabeth Siebel

Bruna Soria-Galvarro


Reviewing your work over different times and different days, and having someone look over your work, is important. -Bruna Soria-Galvarro

Benjamin Talamentes

Talamantes_Ben_ 4112017

In my mind I’ll have one thought, and five minutes later it’s something completely different, but once you put it on the page, it’s just there. It can’t change.

Meklit Thomas


Formal writing is hard, but the thought process that has to go into it is harder. -Meklit Thomas

Elizabeth Vana


For my poetry thesis I’m writing about humanity and monstrosity and where the line is blurred, where it intersects, and how these two things affect our daily lives. -Elizabeth Vana

Patricia West

West_Patrica Body Shot

I learned to communicate on paper because it was a good way for me to get my thoughts out there and not be self conscious.

Megan Wray


If we bring in more information off the paper and into people’s minds, it will have an effect. -Megan Wray

Professor Ashley Yuckenberg


In my senior year of high school, I had an AP English teacher that didn’t like my style of writing. He called my writing choppy. I would go to him and ask, ‘Why is this choppy? Explain to me how I fix this.’ He couldn’t articulate that for me. -Ashley Yuckenberg