Tell Your Writing Story

Join Mason’s Writing Across the Curriculum Program on Friday, October 20th to celebrate the National Day on Writing. Tell your writing story using #whyIwrite #whatIwrite #whereIwrite #whenIwrite #howIwrite to join in the nationwide celebration of writing in our everyday lives.


What motivates you to write? Are you trying to tell a story? Share an idea? Express an emotion? Convey information? Whether it’s a novel, a text, or a tweet, we use writing for many different reasons. What’s yours? Tweet @GeorgeMasonU using #whyIwrite to share your story.


Everyone is a writer, but we all write different things. Are you a poet? A blogger? Do you write research papers or proposals? Share your writing using #whatIwrite to help us explore the diversity of writing.


Where do you write? On your bed, in the library, outside. The possibilities are endless. Share your favorite writing spot by tweeting @GeorgeMasonU using #whereIwrite to help us map our writing spaces.


Sometimes inspiration strikes at midnight. Sometimes at 3AM. Sometimes over lunch. Or maybe inspiration is late and your deadline is approaching. When do you write? Tweet @GeorgeMasonU to tell your story using #whenIwrite.


How many drafts do you revise? Do you edit? Maybe you start with the first line of a story, or maybe you write the conclusion first. Share #howIwrite by tweeting @GeorgeMasonU to tell us your writing story.

Share in the celebration of writing this Friday, October 20th for the National Day on Writing by using these hashtags to share your writing story.

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Celebrate the National Day on Writing!

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Friday, October 20th is the National Day on Writing!

The National Day on Writing celebrates the role of writing in our everyday lives. Whether it’s academic papers, email, texts, tweets, or graphic novels, we all write.

This National Day on Writing, Mason’s Writing Across the Curriculum Program will be celebrating writing on the Fairfax campus. Join us in the Johnson Center, Meeting Room E for workshops on different types of writing throughout the day:

11:00-12:00: Open Mic

12:00-1:30: Strategies for Revising a Draft, presented by the Writing Center

In this workshop, you will learn and practice some techniques for seeing strengths and weaknesses in your own drafts and for revising accordingly. The workshop focuses on techniques you can use to check your drafts for big-picture concerns such as content development, line of argument, and organization, and provides strategies for proofreading and editing. You’ll find this workshop most valuable if you bring a first or second draft of a course assignment. Please bring a print copy of the draft.

1:30-2:00: Proposal Writing presented by OSCAR

How do you write to convince people to give you things? Convincing an audience that you have a good idea and a plan to accomplish it is the essence of applying for a grant. In this workshop, we’ll use the OSCAR Undergraduate Research Scholars Program proposal as a model for how to approach grant writing.

2:00-3:00: INTO Mason Showcase of Graduate Student Research

INTO Mason international graduate students from across the disciplines will be presenting their in-progress research, which they began in EAP 507/508. Students in this course pursued discipline-specific research questions by examining secondary research in their fields. Through this project students were introduced to the conventions of research in the U.S. academy and to the linguistic moves that are common to academic writing in their disciplines.

In addition to the workshops happening in the Johnson Center, come out to the Fenwick Library Lobby and the North Plaza to tell us your writing story! The WAC program will be at these locations from 10:00AM to 2:00PM to help students share why they write, what they write, where they write, when they write, and how they write. We will be sharing these writing stories across social media to join in the national celebration.

So come celebrate the many forms that writing takes in our everyday lives! Celebrate the 2017 National Day on Writing on Friday, October 20th.

An Update on The Writers of Mason Project: By the Numbers


Since our first interview in February of 2017, we’ve been very busy with the Writers of Mason project. To date, we have interviewed 42 writers, transcribed each of those interviews, and taken 189 profile pictures. We have met and spoken with writers across campus, talking writing in all its messy and awesome glory, with faculty, staff, and students. To date, we have talked with writers from: Fenwick and Johnson Center Libraries, the Students as Scholars/Office of Student Creative Activities and Research offices, Stearns Center, English, Anthropology, B-School, Game Design, Philosophy, Physics, Education, and Mason Korea.

Check in each week as the profiles on our site update.


WAC Presents an Evening with Laura Micciche


Writing Across the Curriculum is proud to sponsor “Partners on the Page,” a special event at George Mason’s annual Fall for the Book festival featuring an evening with author Laura Micciche as she showcases the power of partnerships in the writing community and the genre of written acknowledgments.

Partners on the Page will take place on Thursday, October 12 at 4:30pm on the 3rd floor of the Johnson Center in Meeting Room G.

WAC is also excited for our partner’s event, “Research in Rhetoric: Digital, Visual and Archival Methods.” The George Mason University chapter of the Society for Technical Communication brings Dr. Douglas Eyman, Dr. Laurie Gries, and Dr. Jennell Johnson together for a panel discussion about research methods in the fields of rhetoric, composition, and communication.

Research in Rhetoric will take place in Meeting Room G of the Johnson Center at 6:00pm following the Partners on the Page presentation.

Don’t miss these two great, back-to-back events!

Fall for the Book runs from October 11th – 14th. Find more information about the many incredible authors coming to campus at

Mason’s WAC Program Ranks Again!


For the 16th consecutive year, Mason’s Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program has been ranked among the best writing in the disciplines programs in the US by US News and World Reports. In spring 2017, US News invited college presidents, chief academic officers, deans of students and deans of admissions from more than 1,500 schools to nominate up to 10 institutions with stellar examples of writing in the disciplines. Mason was once again included in the final listing.

Mason’s WAC program supports the efforts of faculty across the curriculum to make student writing a priority in course work for the major. Established in 1993, WAC was designed to develop students’ understanding of the writing in their disciplines, as well as their ability to communicate as professionals within their respective fields. The program fosters a number of ideals, but the core of the program advocates that students should have frequent opportunities to write in diverse contexts and for diverse audiences, to receive feedback, and to engage in revision strategies. This foundation helps students to think more creatively and critically, engage more deeply in their learning, and transfer their learning from context to context.

The list of educational institutions ranked by US News and World Reports includes Brown, Cornell, Duke, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and several others.

Congratulations to Mason WAC!

To see the listings, go to:

Introducing the new Stearns Center!


The Writing Across the Curriculum Program is excited to welcome the new Stearns Center to the Mason community!

August 29th saw the opening of the brand new Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning, a merging of the Office of Digital Learning and the Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence. Located in Innovation Hall, the Stearns Center brings together resources and services for faculty and graduate students looking to develop their teaching methods with the latest developments in teaching and digital learning. The Center will host weekly open labs, collaboration spaces for faculty to utilize the same technology available in their classrooms, and allows teachers to research, experiment, and learn new skills to better serve their students.

Learn more about the many incredible resources the Stearns Center can offer faculty and students:

Announcing Writers of Mason!

At heart, all university campuses are communities of writers.

In Mason’s Writing Across the Curriculum Program, we work with a diverse array of writers. Mason’s students write in multiple contexts, with different styles, and for a variety of purposes. Our faculty teach writing in classrooms, seminars, and as part of their local and global field projects. Students and faculty alike contribute to the literature of their scholarly, research, creative, and professional communities. Continue reading